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Project Description


Luxury brownstones in the Irvington Centre section of King Farm

Streetscape Partners will once again be partnering with Michael Harris Homes, who was one of the original builders of single-family homes and townhomes in King Farm. They are building 129 luxury brownstones in the Irvington Centre section. King Farm was one of the first transit-oriented developments and is a walkable neighborhood with accessibility to the Shady Grove Metro Station and the planned Corridor Cities Transitway. The community offers generous sidewalks, large parks, swimming pools, a town center with shopping and a mix of condominiums, apartments, townhomes and single-family homes. The new brownstones will be approximately 2,400 square feet with integral 2-car garages. The 4-story homes will feature spacious, open floorplans with luxury appointments, a main level terrace and rooftop deck. Some homes will front onto pocket parks and lush garden mews. King Farm is conveniently located off of I-270 at the Shady Grove Road exit and the new brownstones will be located at the intersection of Piccard Drive and King Farm Boulevard.